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[UK: ʃouiŋ]
aufweisend, bezeigung, demonstration, heilige kühe schlachten, hinweisend, indikativisch, mythen zerstören, schaustellung, zeigend
showing a definite purpose
[UK: ʃouiŋ]
tendenziös, zweckbestimmt
showing a lack of judgement
[UK: ʃouiŋ]
unklug, unverständig
showing a loss
[UK: ʃouiŋ ə stɔkpraislɔs]
verlust aufweisend
showing appreciation
[UK: ʃouiŋ əpriːʃieiʃən]
ehre erweisen, erkenntlich, tribut zollen
showing around
[UK: ʃouiŋ əraund]
showing condescension
[UK: ʃouiŋ kɔndisenʃən]
showing contempt
[UK: ʃouiŋ kəntempt]
showing courage
[UK: ʃouiŋ kʌridʒ]
aufrichtigkeit zeigen, integrität zeigend, zeigte mut
showing deference
[UK: ʃouiŋ defərəns]
ehrerbietig, erbietig, respektvoll
showing disdain
[UK: ʃouiŋ defərəns]
showing displeasure or anger
[UK: ʃouiŋ displeʒər ər æŋgər]
finster blickend, missbilligend, stirnrunzelnd
showing favoritism towards family members
[UK: ʃouiŋ fəvɔraitizəm təwɔːdz fæməliː membəʃip]
nepotistisch, vetternwirtschaftlich
showing feeling or emotion
[UK: ʃouiŋ fiːliŋ ər imouʃən]
ausdrucksvoll, expressiv
showing forbearance
[UK: ʃouiŋ fɔːbɛərəns]
nachsicht zeigen
showing great joy
[UK: ʃouiŋ fɔːbɛərəns]
vor freude strahlen
showing honesty
[UK: ʃouiŋ ɔnistiː]
aufrichtigkeit zeigen, integrität zeigend
showing honor
[UK: ʃouiŋ ɔnər]
achtungsvoll, ehrerbietig, erbietig, respektvoll
showing hope
[UK: ʃouiŋ ɔnər]
showing in
[UK: ʃouiŋ in]
showing integrity
[UK: ʃouiŋ integritiː]
aufrichtigkeit zeigen, integrität zeigend
showing interest in political matters
[UK: ʃouiŋ intrəst in pɔlitikl mætəz]
politische verwicklung
showing interrelationship
[UK: ʃouiŋ intərileiʃənʃip]
showing little enthusiasm
[UK: ʃouiŋ litl inθjuːziæzəm]
halbherzig, nicht mit ganzem herzen
showing love
[UK: ʃouiŋ lʌv]
showing no reaction
[UK: ʃouiŋ nou riækʃən]
showing no respect
[UK: ʃouiŋ nou rispekt]
showing no sign of life
[UK: ʃouiŋ nou sain ɔf laif]
ohne lebenszeichen
showing off
[UK: ʃouiŋ ɔf]
angabe, angeberei, auffällige bemühung, großtuerei, pomphaft, prahlerei, protzend, prunkhaft, ruhmredigkeit
showing one's solidarity
[UK: ʃouiŋ ɔf]
showing one's thoughts and feelings
[UK: ʃouiŋ ɔf]
showing out
[UK: ʃouiŋ aʊt]
showing patience and tolerance
[UK: ʃouiŋ peiʃəns ænd tɔlərəns]
langer atem
showing reserve
[UK: ʃouiŋ rizəːv]
nachsicht zeigen
showing resourcefulness
[UK: ʃouiŋ rizɔːsfəlnəs]
einfallsreichtum zeigen
showing respect
[UK: ʃouiŋ rispekt]
achtungsvoll, ehre erweisen, ehrend, ehrerbietig, erbietig, respektvoll, tribut zollen
showing restraint
[UK: ʃouiŋ ristreint]
nachsicht zeigen, voller selbstbeherrschung
showing something in profile
[UK: ʃouiŋ səmiːθiŋ in proufail]
im profil darstellen
showing teeth
[UK: ʃouiŋ tiːθ]
mit gefletschten zähnen, zähnefletschend
showing thanks
[UK: ʃouiŋ θæŋks]
showing the direction
[UK: ʃouiŋ ðiː direkʃən]
showing three colors
[UK: ʃouiŋ θriː kɔləzəm]
showing to be true
[UK: ʃouiŋ θriː kɔləzəm]
beglaubigung, echtheitsbestätigung
showing up
[UK: ʃouiŋ ʌp]
showing veneration
[UK: ʃouiŋ venəreiʃən]
[UK: ʃouiŋz]
act of foreshowing
[UK: ʃouiŋz]
act of indicating or showing
[UK: ækt ɔf indikeitiŋ ər ʃouiŋ]
indikation, verzeigung
cinema showing
[UK: sinəmə ʃouiŋ]
principal showing
[UK: prinsəpl ʃouiŋ]
second showing
[UK: skound ʃouiŋ]
a person showing off
[UK: ə pəːsn ʃouiŋ ɔf]
stolzer pfau
graph showing mathematical relations
[UK: grɑːfpeipər ʃouiŋ mæθəmætikl rileiʃənz]
not showing sympathy
[UK: nout ʃouiŋ simpəθiː]
unfreundlich, unsympathisch, verständnislos
quality of showing honor
[UK: kwɔlitiː ɔf ʃouiŋ ɔnər]
state of not showing appreciation
[UK: steit ɔf nout ʃouiŋ əpriːʃieiʃən]
student showing an idle behavior
[UK: stjuːdnt ʃouiŋ æn aidl biheiviər]
while showing ability to devise
[UK: stjuːdnt ʃouiŋ æn aidl biheiviər]
einfallsreich, erfinderisch
while showing great respect
[UK: wail ʃouiŋ greit rispekt]
mit ehrfurcht, mit verehrung
while showing one's teeth
[UK: wail ʃouiŋ greit rispekt]
while showing sorrow
[UK: wail ʃouiŋ sɔrou]
bußfertig, reuemütig, reuig

Example Sentences Including 'showing'

An establishing shot in filmmaking and television production sets up, or establishes the context for a scene by showing the relationship between its important figures and objects.

The French fashion house released an intimate behind-the-scenes video showing the stunning actress getting ready for the awards ceremony.

The 26-year-old looks amazing in a leopard print skirt and black bralette, showing off her tiny waist.

But what else is there to know about the star who enjoyed a good run on Strictly Come Dancing 2017 and is showing off his moves again with Rip It Up.

Wellerisms, named after sayings of Sam Weller in Charles Dickens's novel The Pickwick Papers, make fun of established clichés and proverbs by showing that they are wrong in certain situations, often when taken literally.

The Rocky star, who was forced to prove he was still alive this week, posted two tongue-in-cheek videos on Instagram showing him in the weights room.

In graphic design and advertising, a comprehensive layout or comprehensive, usually shortened to comp, is the page layout of a proposed design as initially presented by the designer to a client, showing the relative positions of text and illustrations before the final content of those elements has been decided upon.

The 48-year-old shared a series of pictures in the cute dress, showing off her amazing legs.

Uploading a picture showing several marks of damage to the tyre, Mel added a cryptic caption.

The Boy with the Leaking Boot is a statue showing a young boy, with a bare right foot, holding up his right boot and looking at it.

But there might be a few signs on the horizon that the savings landscape might, finally, be showing some signs of recovery.

In mathematical logic, especially set theory and model theory, the back-and-forth method is a method for showing isomorphism between countably infinite structures satisfying specified conditions.

The Apotheosis of Homer is a common scene in classical and neo-classical art, showing the poet Homer's apotheosis or elevation to divine status.

Images posted on social media showing plumes of smoke rising into the air above the runway, with it unclear if anyone has been hurt.

Consecration crosses are crosses on the interior walls and exterior architecture of a Christian church or cathedral showing where the bishop has anointed the church with chrism or holy water in order to consecrate it.

Amber Turner and Clelia Theodorou walked the red carpet in a white, wide-leg jumpsuit - showing they share the same taste in style as well as their men.

On Sunday, the 37-year-old reality star posted a video to Snapchat showing a new bizarre procedure, that looks more like a medieval torture than a soothing beauty treatment.

The structural formula of a chemical compound is a graphic representation of the molecular structure, showing how the atoms are arranged.

Amber, who is currently embroiled in a love triangle with two co-stars, was snapped showing off her curves in a bright yellow thong bikini.

Demonstration involves showing by reason or proof, explaining or making clear by use of examples or experiments.

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