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[UK: səksiːd]
ankommen an, aufeinanderfolgen, auskommen mit, bewerkstelligen, den tag gewinnen, durchschlagen, durchsetzen, durchwuseln, einen treffer machen, erfolg haben, erfolgreich sein, es schaffen, fertigbekommen, florieren, funktionieren, gedeihen, gelingen, gelingt, glücken, grassieren, gut gehen, hinkriegen, hinraffen, im leben vorwärts kämpfen, im leben vorwärtskämpfen, immer erfolgreicher werden, immer weiter kommen, klargehen, meistern, oberhand gewinnen, obsiegen, prosperieren, sieg davontragen, sieg erringen, tragen von früchten, triumphieren, über die runden bringen, welt erobern, zu rande kommen, zurande kommen, zuwege bringen
succeed in a task
[UK: səksiːd in ə tɑːsk]
ware abliefern
succeed in an examination
[UK: səksiːd in æn igzæmineiʃən]
prüfung bestehen
succeed in convincing
[UK: səksiːd in kənvinsiŋ]
durchsetzen mit
succeed in getting through
[UK: səksiːd in getiŋ θruː]
succeed in managing
[UK: səksiːd in mænidʒiŋ]
auskommen finden, umhinkommen
succeed in obtaining sexual satisfaction
[UK: səksiːd in əbteiniŋ sekʃeəl sætisfækʃən]
hatte einen orgasmus
succeed in two different ways
[UK: səksiːd in twou difrənt weiz]
zweigleisig erfolgreich sein
succeed in/to
[UK: səksiːd in twou difrənt weiz]
schaffen zu
succeed over
[UK: səksiːd ouvər]
überflügeln, übertreffen
succeed to the crown
[UK: səksiːd tou ðiː kraun]
auf den thron folgen, nachfolger werden, thronfolge antreten
succeed to the throne
[UK: səksiːd tou ðiː θroun]
auf den thron folgen
[UK: səksiːdid]
gelang, ging gut, hat es geschafft, hatte erfolg, kam durch, klappte gut, machte es, schaffte es, stieg die leiter hinauf, verlief gut, war ein erfolg
succeeded greatly
[UK: səksiːdid griætliː]
hatte einen großen erfolg, hatte viel erfolg, weit gekommen
succeeded in a test
[UK: səksiːdid in ə tist]
succeeded to be re-elected
[UK: səksiːdid in ə tist]
behielt seinen status bei
[UK: səksiːdid in ə tist]
erfolgreicher mensch
[UK: səksiːdiŋ]
erfolg haben, folgen, nachmalig, nachträglich
[UK: səksiːdz]
attack that did not succeed
[UK: ətæk ðæt did nout səksiːd]
fehlgeschlagene attacke, fehlgeschlagener streik, gescheiterter angriff
did not succeed
[UK: did nout səksiːd]
hatte keinen erfolg, ist nicht weit gekommen, war nicht erfolgreich
effort that did not succeed
[UK: efət ðæt did nout səksiːd]
fehlgeschlager versuch
expected him to succeed
[UK: ikspektid him tou səksiːd]
machte sich große hoffnungen
fail or succeed
[UK: ikspektid him tou səksiːd]
egal was passiert
fail to progress or succeed
[UK: ikspektid him tou səksiːd]
nicht vorwärts kommen
has the ability to succeed
[UK: hæzətʃæt ðiː əbilitiː tou səksiːd]
hat eine zukunft
he did not succeed
[UK: h did nout səksiːd]
alle seine anstrengungen waren erfolglos, alle seine bemühungen waren umsonst
he's sure to succeed
[UK: h did nout səksiːd]
er wird bestimmt erfolg haben
help a process to succeed
[UK: help ə prəses tou səksiːd]
prozess fördern
i hope you succeed
[UK: help ə prəses tou səksiːd]
alles gute
inability to succeed
[UK: inəbilitiː tou səksiːd]
it can't succeed
[UK: inəbilitiː tou səksiːd]
es geht nicht
not succeed
[UK: nout səksiːd]
als fehlschlag erweisen, durchfallen, reinreißen, sich als misserfolg herausstellen
probably won't succeed
[UK: nout səksiːd]
hat schwache chancen auf erfolg
scheme that did not succeed
[UK: skiːm ðæt did nout səksiːd]
gescheiterter plan
to succeed
[UK: tou səksiːd]
erfolg haben, folgen, gelingen, glücken
way to succeed
[UK: wei tou səksiːd]
der schlüssel zum erfolg, erfolgsweg
did not succeed in deciding
[UK: did nout səksiːd in disaidiŋ]
konnte keine entscheidung treffen, konnte sich nicht entschließen
he barely succeeded
[UK: h bɛərəliː səksiːdid]
schwitzte blut und wasser
one who succeeds
[UK: wʌn hou səksiːdz]
erfolgreicher mensch
possibility of succeeding
[UK: pɔsəbilitiː ɔf səksiːdiŋ]
aussicht auf erfolg, gute chance
project that is not succeeding
[UK: prədʒekt ðæt izæbsənt nout səksiːdiŋ]
misslingendes unternehmen, scheiterndes unternehmen
scarcely succeed in doing something
[UK: skɛəsəliː səksiːd in duːiŋ səmiːθiŋ]
gerade noch zurecht kommen
violence succeeds
[UK: vaiələns səksiːdz]
der stärkste gewinnt, gewalt geht vor recht, macht geht vor recht

Example Sentences Including 'succeed'

The ex-Bayern Munich and Bordeaux defender reckons his former Les Bleus team-mate Vieira, currently head coach of New York City, is ready to succeed the departing Arsene Wenger at the Emirates.

Prime Minister-designate is the term used to refer to a person who is expected to succeed an incumbent as prime minister as the result of a general election or after being named by the head of state to form a new government after a public referendum or vote of no confidence against the sitting prime minister.

The Spanish coach, who it emerged last night would succeed Arsene Wenger at the Emirates, made the plan clear during his interview which so impressed Arsenal and convinced them he is the man for the job.

Working Together: Why Great Partnerships Succeed is a nonfiction book by American business executive and author Michael Eisner.

The Gunners are searching for a new boss to succeed Wenger in charge at the Emirates when he leaves his role at the end of this season.

That is the claim of ex-Bayern star Dietmar Hamann, who has tipped the Tottenham boss to succeed in Germany.

Setting up to fail is a phrase denoting a no-win situation designed in such a way that the person in the situation cannot succeed at the task which they have been assigned.

It argued deradicalisation programmes in the community are more likely to succeed than jail for less serious offenders.

The Arsenal icon was contacted by Gunners chiefs as part of their quest to find a new boss to succeed Arsene Wenger.

The jigsaw technique is a method of organizing classroom activity that makes students dependent on each other to succeed.

The principle of faunal succession, also known as the law of faunal succession, is based on the observation that sedimentary rock strata contain fossilized flora and fauna, and that these fossils succeed each other vertically in a specific, reliable order that can be identified over wide horizontal distances.

Compensatory education offers supplementary programs or services designed to help children at risk of cognitive impairment and low educational achievement succeed.

Yesterday Her Majesty formally backed him to succeed her in the role, as heads of state from around the world gathered in Britain this week.

An at-risk student is a term used in the United States to describe a student who requires temporary or ongoing intervention in order to succeed academically.

Well, the Real Madrid superstar-turned-model has revealed exactly what the modern man needs to succeed.

The Alsace-class battleships were planned to succeed and enlarge the Richelieu class.

Clutch performance in sports is the phenomenon of athletes under pressure, usually in the last minutes of a game, to summon strength, concentration and whatever else necessary to succeed, to perform well, and perhaps change the outcome of the game.

An exploitation film is a film that attempts to succeed financially by exploiting current trends, niche genres, or lurid content.

In commerce, a level playing field is a concept about fairness, not that each player has an equal chance to succeed, but that they all play by the same set of rules.

ΚΕΦ?'Λ?-ΞΘ, commonly known as Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs and simply referred to as Psalm 69, is the fifth studio album by an American rock band Ministry, released on July 14, 1992 by Sire and Warner Bros.

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